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Read How Delighted Our Customers Are With Their Product

I've tried several expensive lotions and creams to help my dry skin and nothing seem to work for more than a couple hours then my skin was back dry. I tried this whipped cream body butter after a good shower and WHEN I TELL YOU... It smells fantastic and have your skin blinging all day.  It was no more ash for me...and this is coming from a male perspective.


About this Melted Bling.... 
Why does it smell so good???
I just got my jars and I think I've used too much in 3 days. 
My skin feels smooth like a fresh cleaned baby bottom fresh out the womb.


BOMB! Melted Bling has my whole family soft and moisterized! As a mom of all boys, ashy can be the norm. After introducing Melted Bling to my boys skin, their skin hygiene routine is on point. We love the smell and the results!


Chilllee before Melted Bling my feet were so dry and flaky (ewww I know) fast forward to today... you can't tell my feet nothing! Smoother than Rick James! LOL!


I love your product! I used it last night, I had hubby put it on my back and I used it again this morning I love how it goes on smooth and not greasy love the smell and how it also keeps my skin moisturized.  I will be placing another order. Awesome job! I love melted bling!


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